1. Eligible User
All UIC staff, students and guests are eligible to access to UIC's Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN).

2. WLAN Coverage Area

To be updated. 

3. Wi-Fi Access Web Browser Recommendation
The following web browsers have been tested for use on UIC’s wireless network.
to be updated.

4. Services and Responsibilities
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5. User Responsibilities
5.1. Users must be responsible for the maintenance of their personal wireless equipment such as notebook computer, mobile phone. ITSC will only assist in the wireless access connection to their equipment.
5.2. Users must ensure the access areas are under the WLAN coverage area and the access equipment must support 802.1X authentication. ITSC will not be responsible for any failure of accessing the WLAN due to incompatible authentication.
5.3. Any unauthorized wireless router or device for transmission or receiving of data is not permitted in campus WLAN.
5.4. Any wireless devices such as microware or cordless phones shall be placed away from the wireless AP (access point). In case of the high power device such as 1000W electromagnetic oven or 100mW coreless phone is used, please inform ITSC immediately for necessary technically adjustment to avoid interference to the WLAN signal.
5.5. All eligible users must apply for a wireless access account via ITSC, and can only be accessed to the network from the provided user account.
5.6. Users shall not transfer any information related to their account, IP or password to other third party. ITSC reserves the right to terminate the unauthorized access account to protect the security of the wireless network.
5.7. Any user, division and unit shall not deploy their own produced wireless systems because of the security, consistency and interference problems that would entail.
5.8. Users shall carefully handle their personal and confidential data, ITSC will not be responsible for any leaking of private data due to their negligence during the wireless access.
5.9. Using of the campus WLAN to perform any illegal activities is absolutely prohibited.

6. Access Hours Limitation and Charges

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